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Valco a Canadian company has been providing medical compression products to healthcare providers for over 40 years. Their goal has always been to offer a wide range of products both innovative, aesthetic and evolving that would meet the lifestyles of todays patients.

Distributor of leading products in the health care industry – specializing in : compression therapy - lymphedema venous insufficiency - arterial insufficiency - and wound care.


medi compression, since 1951. medi compression is the quality seal that differentiates medi products from all others. More then 60 years of experience with German design, research and manufacturing have been applied to bring you quality garments. Accurate graduated compression is guaranteed. medi compression – the key to quality in medicine, lifestyle and sports.

medi takes its position as a global leader in medical compression seriously by investing in research, education and innovation, providing the latest technologies enabling their patients to not only manage their challenges, but to enjoy life to the fullest.


CEP – the intelligent sportwear. As CEP is part of the company behind: medi, the German manufacturer of high-tech medical products and one of the leading companies in the healthcare market.

CEP is the performance brand of medi, which means it not only has access to state-of-the-art development and production standards and methods, but also the medi’s unique compression technology. medi compression stands for six decades of experience in the research and development of compression products. The defined compression profile increases blood flow, stabilizes muscles and joints and creates a prefect fit.

The fabric’s precisely defined compression profile increases the flow of blood. Improved circulation means more oxygen for muscles and ultimately more energy for athletes. At the same time metabolic waste products (such as lactates) are carried away from the muscles, which accelerates recovery.

No matter what the sport – CEP offers intelligent products specifically tailored to your discipline : padded zones in the right places and a comfortable wide cuff provide the comfort that athletes need. CEP products perfectly hug the contours of your body thanks to their anatomical design. For you this means a perfect fit and less chafing.

Intelligent sportswear must always adapt to both the climate and body. CEP is the only brand to offer products manufactured with its unique blend of materials. The fabric absorbs moisture and sweat, immediately wicking it away from the skin and evenly distributing it on the surface so that it can evaporate more quickly. Ventilation zones, the use of high-quality yarns such as merino wool and an antimicrobial design ensure excellent heat and moisture management in this advanced material technology.


The causes of swellings that no longer go down again are many and varied. The most common of these is a disease of the lymphatic system, called “lymphoedema”. A second form of oedema, a disorder of fatty tissue distribution that mostly occurs in the thighs, calves or arms, is called lipoedema. When diets no longer help and even sports are no use, those affected feel baffled and neglected. Most of them have a long way to go before they are given the right therapy.

In addition to the blood circulation, our body has a second major transport system – the lymphatic system. In contrast to the blood circulation, which forms a closed circuit (circulation) with arteries and veins, the lymphatic system is a semi-open system.

When the lymphatic system is disturbed and the lymph fluid can no longer flow back properly, it accumulates in the tissues and causes something similar to a traffic jam. This usually results in a skin-coloured, painless swelling, so called lymphoedema.

CirAid Medical Products is dedicated to providing medical devices and services to patients that will enable them, despite their circulatory conditions, to live active, healthy and independent lives.



Huntleigh’s medical products are renowned for reliability and superior quality, this has been echoes within their accessory and consumable product range. Every product must surpass very high-quality standards and by choosing their approved products you will be getting experience and support from one of the worlds leading healthcare companies.

With over 30 years experience in vascular assessment their latest technological innovations have enabled them to develop a new digital platform for their latest range of dopplers.

The Lymph Assist Homecare Compression System from Huntleigh is the only product which has been designed specifically to compliment your traditional treatment in the comfort of your own home Lymph Assist Professional is an advanced Intermittent Pneumatic Compression system which has been designed to offer clinicians a multi modal treatment option to manage Lymphoedema and associated conditions.

Disruption of the Lymphatic system has severe and sometimes debilitating implications for the patient. Lymphoedema has no cure but can be successfully managed when diagnosed and treated.